day 3: {Christmas ornaments}

growing up each year at Christmas my mom and brothers and i would make a Christmas ornament.  my mom is one of those crafty people and she always found fun things for us kids to make around the holidays.  the Christmas crafts were always my favorite.  so, today, i don’t have a yummy treat to share with you, but a fun little Christmas craft that you could do with the ones you love, for memories that just may last a lifetime.

these are just a few of my favorite ornaments from my childhood.

now to make your own!


mod podge

white or clear glass ball ornaments

sponge brush

pages from an old book or a newspaper

wax paper


1. place a piece of wax paper down on your work surface.

2. remove the hanger from the glass ball.

3. pour a little mod podge into a small glass bowl or plastic container you don’t mind throwing away.

4. tear paper into small pieces.

5. using your sponge brush paint some mod podge onto a section of the ornament.

6. paint a small amount of mod podge onto a couple of the pieces of paper while they’re laying on the wax paper.

7. place the paper pieces on the ornament and paint over them with mod podge.

at first the mod podge will look white and cloudy, but don’t worry, once it dries it’s clear and shiney.

8. place the ornament on the lip where the hanger goes to dry.

9. let dry for several hours or overnight.

there you have it. your very own Christmas ornament!

just for fun, i thought i’d include an ornament my parents painted together when they were engaged.  this is just one of the whole collection of Charlie Brown Christmas ornaments we have on the tree.

.:the second beginning:.

so, i was super excited when i decided i was going to start a blog. that was in july.  it’s now september.  in july, when i finally decided on a name and got everything set up, i wrote my first post and then…poof, i was gone. 

with summer school coming to an end and only a short 2 week break before the start of the fall {and final} semester of school and deciding to take my orthopedic nurse certification exam during those 2 short weeks, i found myself running low on spare time.   but, with my certification behind me {which i passed!} and now being well into this last semester of school, i have a little extra time to bake and blog!  so hopefully this will be my last beginning.