.:about me:.

hey y’all! my name is bethany claire. i’m from the south and i like to say y’all and darlin’. i’m a nurse and i like to bake cupcakes. some days i’d rather bake cupcakes than be a nurse. some days i’d rather bake anything than be a nurse. and some days i just want to be a nurse. my roommate has a blog. i’ve never wanted a blog. until now. so, thanks e for introducing me to my latest addiction…the frosted marshmallow. so, this is now the home for some yummy creations and a few of my favorite things. and yes, i do like the sound of music. if you’ve stuck around long enough to finish reading this, then i hope you’ll stick around and enjoy some scrumptious treats.


2 thoughts on “.:about me:.

  1. Slightly addicted to reading your blog! Wondering if you have recipes with a twist on no-bake cookies? Thanks again for all the ideas and yummy treats!!!!!

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