day 16: {cinnamon rolls at Macado’s}

so, it’s 9:00pm and i haven’t posted a yummy treat for today.  and here’s why.  i’ve been back in school for the past year working on my B.S.N. {hallelujah, i’m finally done!}  with that said, graduation was this afternoon, and me being the never prepared soul that i am didn’t plan anything for the blog today because if there’s one thing i’m really good at, it’s procrastinating.

{i love this little illustration!}

{this pretty much sums up the last year of my life}

and, of course, i had 7 million errands {i thought} i had to run this morning {one of which was exchanging the 5’0”-5’3” graduation gown they gave me for my 5’9” self}. so, the old bloggity blog got pushed to the back burner.  and now, all i have to share are a few pictures from todays events.

{proof that i really did go}

{my new favorite place to eat.  i love the honeymooner.  it’s delicious!}

{the cinnamon rolls at macado’s are to die for!}

{this was before we scrapped all the icing off the plate}

don’t worry, tomorrow i’ll have something yummy for you!


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